About the Proyect

In this project, my role was to offer design assistance specifically tailored to the needs of AMD’s Latin American operations. By providing design support, I contributed to enhancing AMD’s branding and marketing efforts in the Latin American region.


Proyect Goals

The primary goals were to ensure that AMD’s marketing materials and campaigns were tailored to suit the specific needs and preferences of the Latin American market. This involved adapting existing global materials to local formats and requirements, as well as creating new content to effectively reach audiences in different countries within the region.


My Role

I was responsible for creating a wide range of visual materials and campaigns tailored to meet the diverse needs of AMD’s Latin American market. This involved designing content for various platforms and formats, ensuring consistency with AMD’s branding guidelines while effectively communicating key messages to the target audience. This included adapting campaigns to various social media formats, newsletters, landing pages, storefront and event signage, roll-up banners for events, promotional materials, and other visual assets.


Social Media

Storefront and event signage

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