Evelyn Pechhloff


About the Proyect

My involvement in this project revolved around creating a website tailored to the specific needs of a coaching professional specializing in youth and children’s coaching services in Austria. This included tasks such as website design, content creation, and ensuring user-friendly navigation and functionality to effectively reach the target audience.


Proyect Goals

The primary goal was to create a website that served as an educational resource on coaching, its various applications, and the services provided by the professional. Additionally, the aim was to raise awareness about coaching and its benefits, considering its relatively low familiarity in the country. By achieving these objectives, the website aimed to attract potential clients and establish the professional as a credible authority in the field of coaching for youth and children in Austria.


My Role

My role encompassed not only the technical aspects of website development but also ensuring that the information presented was organized in a clear and user-friendly manner. This included designing intuitive navigation, optimizing layout and content presentation, and incorporating user-friendly features to enhance the overall browsing experience.

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