About the Proyect

In this project, I was tasked with contributing to the creation of a comprehensive brand book for Natura, a brand known for its natural and sustainable beauty products. The focus was on defining clear guidelines and communication tones specifically tailored for two of Natura’s sub-brands, Una and Faces. This involved understanding the essence of each sub-brand and aligning their messaging with Natura’s overarching brand identity.


Proyect Goals

The objective was to unify the communication tone across the entire Latin American region and provide tools to agencies in each country to generate similar content while respecting the brand image, design guidelines, and communication tone and personality of the brand.


My Role

I was responsible for designing the graphic pieces of the campaigns intended to be used as visual support in the brandbook, showcasing design guidelines. Additionally, I was involved in developing storyboards outlining potential ideas or videos for social media.


Graphic Content

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