About the Proyect

The primary goal of this project was to establish a unique brand identity that reflects the expertise and style of the company in architectural and interior design services. This involved developing a cohesive visual identity, including a logo, color palette, typography, and other brand element. By creating a distinct brand identity, the company aimed to differentiate itself in the competitive market and attract potential clients.


Proyect Goals

The objective was to establish a sophisticated and tasteful brand identity that resonated with the company’s target audience. This involved crafting a visually appealing brand image characterized by simplicity, elegance, and quality. It was crucial to maintain brand image and style consistency across all materials and resources we developed.


My Role

Throughout this project, I took on a multifaceted role, encompassing brand identity design, strategic guidance, and resource creation. This included developing key brand elements such as the logo and brand guidelines to ensure consistency across various materials. Furthermore, I provided expertise in planning and executing marketing resources, including the website, brochure, and project proposals, while also producing additional graphic materials as needed.



Project Proposals

Office plots

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